Configure NethServer 7 DC+VPNs on a VPS offers a small cloud server FREE for 2 hours. It requires a GitHub account.

Sometimes I use it to test VPN modules. It can be a good alternative to the online demo, for those who want to evaluate NethServer 7. Two hours to install additional modules and hack around.

To fire up your new VPS, follow this link:

Connect via SSH and change root’s password before accessing the server-manager.

The initialization procedure is available here:

More info:

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Great tip, I just take noticed for the next newsletter :slight_smile:

I think that fallocate is not safe to create the swapfile. See:
for explanation and solution.
dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile count=2000 bs=1MiB

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Thank you for the pointer! I started from a guide by Digital Ocean which provides SSD devices.

I might be wrong, but a random access device should not suffer from contiguity issues, like a mechanical disk.

Can we say fallocate is not safe in general but is the quickest?

Edit: they suggest also to not enable swap on SSD to prevent hardware degeneration!