Configure multiple virtual e-mail domains


I’m using Nethserver 7 with the latest update, can someone help me set up 2 virtual domains and they work? I have created two mail domains according to the image:

When I want to create the users I can only with the 1st domain and I can not change the domain according to the image:

Is there any way to configure for the two domains to work for me?.

please try it with a mail-alias.

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Hello, thanks for the answer. I already have it working.

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Good job :+1:. If you want more details read this:

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How did you solve it?

First creating user in the default domain, then adding this user an alias.


Mail alias works but how can i set the account to send the mail with the right mail address?

Identities may help you. You have them in Roundcube webmail and in other mail clients like Thunderbird, see

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Ok i still know this but how can i configure the smartphone or Outlook 13/16 with ActiveSync to use the right mail address?


Outlook: use mail profiles?