Can I answer as alias

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: mail with sogo (or other clients)


Just a question if something is generally possible. It is more client related than to nethserver itself:

I use lots of aliases to distinguish external services such as ebay, linkedin and others.
E.g. when registering for some service, the email alias provided is generally thorsten.servicecode@mydomain.tld. Those alias are pointing to my account thorsten@mydomain.tld
In case I cancel / unsign the service, I can simply delete the corresponding email-alias, too. This does not only prevent unwanted spam, ist makes it very much easier to reaction in case a service gets hacked.

When I get an eMail from such a service, e.g. to thorsten.nethservercommunity@, the reply created within SOGo is send / will be from thorsten@. Especially when answering to a ticket, some ticket systems refuse to accpet this this answer from a different responders.

Is it somehow possible to select / define an altarnative responder eMail within SOGo, WebTop or other clients, e.g. as a selection list of assigned eMail aliasses?

It was possbile on WebApp / Webaccess on my old Zentyal/Zarafa server. There was some kind of dropdown list to select a responder the users corresponding email adresses. I could imagine, this would be a very nice feature.

TIA for Ideas

I think you’re searching for mail identities/profiles:

I guess in sogo you may use the IMAP accounts:


  • TB works, however It enforces to create all Identities manually.

  • SOGo seems to be different. Of yourse I can not create an IMAP Account for an alias (and it would not make since), ey?

But: Interesting SOGo does have “Dropdown Arror” on my mail adress when creating a new email. Sees that “someting of that kind” is anticipated:

I only see this possibility. Please try it.

test … where does this message appear?

EDIT: This was a test / reply be EMail :-)… and I recievd a ribbon for that … nice.

I already did that, but I personally do not like this:

  • SOGo does not allow to access localhost twice, so I had to use the internal IP of Nethserver
  • This does create a seperate IMAP Subset including all folders.
    -> These are really separate accounts just with different eMail Names, Its a kind of overkill
    -> If you would do the same in Thunderbird it would not be feasible at all: if you do not take care - all mail is stored n times as local copies …The native TB approach using Identies makes much more sense.
    -> I would need to recognize an email in my inbox, but If I want to anwser, I need to navigate to the respecitve IMAP account and awser from there
    -> If the folders are open, Drag ang Drop say a little complex

Yes, it works, somehow, but for SOGo, i personally would not go for it.

Dear Markus,

another point: I found this discussion here:

So the “Auth Source” (LDAP, AD?) has to provide the Identities (e-mails?)

Did I get that right?

AFAIK you cannot put more than one email in the AD/LDAP field so it doesn’t help in that case. As an alternative roundcube webmail supports “real” identities.

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Of course, the UID and “main mail” is unique. But thats not what I thougt of. I do not know, if AD / LDAP can provide more than one email (alias) from other field(s). I am not sure, but maybe the LDAP mail attribute (not to be confused with userprincipalname) may contain more than one email. Using an LDAP Client I do not see this attribute for Nethserver at all.

also I found some hints that there might be a alias mail scheme specification for LDAP (

NO, I am not asking to implement something like that, I am just thinking loud about what to try on my nonproductive trail&error installation

It’s a wanted feature since 2010, but still not realized, seems not to be one of their main goals.

I can only recommend roundcube, webtop or thunderbird for identities.


Hope died last…