Configure-module Actions

Hello everybody,
I’m trying myself in making a Nethserver 8 App. I decided to test it with Gitlab CE.

Currently I’m able to install the app and configure the normal host URL so I can access the webinterface.

Next I wanted to generate a config file for e.g. LDAP. I wrote some code for this in a separat action step file in my configure-module folder. But I think it’s not executed, because there is no file and for testing purpose I set some env-variables that are also not set.

Can somebody please help me? Is there a special parameter that I need to set that my new step is executed? Am I doing something wrong?

My source-code is here on Github

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Hi and welcom!

Please explain what you are trying to achieve (Authenticate again local LDAP account provider?)

I am not able to assist you, but I know that @stephdl may have some pointers for you.

Again, welcome!


imageroot/actions/configure-module/30ldap isn’t executable.

Just add the right permission:

chmod +x imageroot/actions/configure-module/30ldap


Hello @phillopp wonderful to have you in the community.

IN the future, take note of these Kickstart to get you up to speed faster.

FOr MariaDB Based Apps: GitHub - stephdl/ns8-kickstart-mariadb: NethServer 8 module template

For PostgreSQL Based Apps: GitHub - stephdl/ns8-kickstart-postgresql

Thank you for your Contribution.

Just curious, how can one tell from looking at the Github code pls?

hehehe, you can. IF you clone it to your Software dev tool, you could, as well as when running the app in NS8.

I faced alot o those issues when i was first starting to build Modules.
An easy solution i found, Instead of Creating new files and Folders, I just copy existing ones, and rename files and content. it will carry over all the permissions necessary.

I have since moved to developing NS8 Apps on LInux, though, USed to be on Windows… what a Pain

Thank you! That was the solution

On macOS I needed to execute git update-index --chmod=+x imageroot/actions/configure-module/30ldap that git recognized the change


Github shows if a file is executable:

You’re welcome. Thank you for providing another NS8 app.