Configure .local to .com email accounts

NethServer Version: 7.0
Module: 7.8.2003

Hello All,

I just finished with a new clean installation of Nethserver 7.0 and I created an integration with an existing microsoft active directory. My internal domain is testdom.local and my external domain is I can see the users from microsoft active directory but I would like to have the external domain as primary domain and not the internal one. I played around with the mail aliases but this is per user/email and not for the whole domain.

Is there any way to set my external domain as primary and nethserver to use my external domain instead of my internal?

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I think it is set at


Have a look at:

# 20virtual_domains -- Virtual domains
virtual_mailbox_domains = testdom.local

To change it you have to build a custom template

If you have any questions, please ask.

Thank you so much Michael!

Finally I added the real domain straight on Nethserver and made it work without to change any configuration files etc.

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