Configure interface to hotspot role

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810
Module: nethserver_dedalo


I’m trying to enable hotspot feature of nethserver but i can’t configure a network interface to the hotspot role.
its a fresh instalation of Nethserver and green network has been configured as a VLAN ( not being used).

Do i have to enable other modules?

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Tiago Chaves

I think you can use a BLUE role to enable Dedalo features. You need to install hotspot module. Please refer here:

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Thank you for your reply.
That was my first attempt but I can’t select the blue interface on the hotspot module.
In the documentation it specifically says hotspot role.
That’s the only thing preventing from starting the hotspot.

You need a free network interface. I think you could even reuse a WLAN. There is some business logic built-in inside the module. You should ask more to @davide_marini who requested such logic.

Maybe also to Andrea Leardini or @edoardo_spadoni can help here.

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Ok i found the problem.
The right way is not to configure the interface in the network section, the hotspot registration automatically configures the interface.
The interface should be completely free without vlans.

Thank you for all for your replies to my question.

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@cotosso would that be @davide_marini ?
And your mention of @edoardo_spadoni was broken because of the lack of a space after his accountname… :wink:
So now they are both alarmed and hopefully ready to join the conv… :+1:


Yes, just edited Giacomo’s post