Configuration of networks with only one physical device

NethServer Version: 7 final

Hi, Ich am very new to ns, but not new to Linux in general. I want to set up a ns instance for SMB and nextcloud. Now the problem is that I can’t access the internet from the server (yum cache can’t be updated and ping doesn’t work also). My setup is: internet > Fritzbox 7390 SL > Server where the box is online and the server connected via Ethernet to the box. I only have this one device eth0. I access the server from Windows machines in my WLAN.

I have read a few threads here and the admin docs but I don’t understand how to set the zones correctly. I think the wired connection should be red because it accesses the internet and the router should be the green zone (maybe as an ap?). Is there something wrong in my thinking? Also it would be great if someone could provide a step by step tutorial on how to get this setup working.

Another approach would be to connect a logical device via pppoe to the net, but there I can’t choose the wired connection (actually I can’t choose anything at all).

Thanks in advance.

I think you can create a logical interface. A red one for internet and a green one for internal network.
But I think here are some other people who can help better than me.

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First: thanks for correcting the typos, I wrote this on my cell.

I have tried to set the wired connection to red but ns wouldn’t connect then either. It says in the wiki that I should use pppoe for this and provide my isp username and pw to get access through the router, but there is no device selectable.

Nethserver is connected to lan. In this case, I configure the network as green.
For public services, you set nat in the frizbox.

For security you can limit access to port 980 from some addresses.

If you want to create logical interfaces you must have different ip families (green 192.168.0.x and red 192.168.1.x).You should adjust the frizbox to the new IP (192.168.1.y)
The internet (red) network and the local (green) network would not be physically separate (logically only).