Config two mail addresses

i’m trying to create two separate mail
like this: and point both to the NS server.
but when i log in roundcube i see the two mail merged.
when i try to login to the account associated with jack_wrk cant be accessed with jack_wrk password but with jack’s password.

Am I doing something wrong? is there an easy way to get this?

Sorry for my english and (probably) stupid question :disappointed:

Jack and jack_wek are two different users with different credentials. I’d like to know what you’re hoping to achieve with this configuration

i set two alias to nethserver and

i want two different and separate mail and
is this possible?

Yes, that’s the correct way! Please change your passwords and re-try

password changed but not solve the problem
if i login trought roundcube to jack@xxxx.or (both associated to the same nethserver user) i see the same mail…

That’s the problem, you have to login using the username ( jack_wrk) not the email address

so if i set two mail ex. jack@xxxx.and to jack_wrk
i have to login with jack_wrk and i see both…merged…

ok…no way to have it separated?

It is only aliases for your account jack_wrk.
Also keep in mind that you have to reconfigure DNS for MX record , before you can use mail for each domain and sub-domain on one Server.

OK, thank you all