Concerns about NextCloud client synchronization

I try NextCloud in last NS 7 beta 2.
Yes, it’s more beautiful and customizable compared with old owncloud but It has the same problem…
The client installed on a Windows computer allows you to synchronize a folder, just how google drive do … But If I want to make a backup on my local lan (NG server) of my personal file and folders and make it usable on remote browser?
I must duplicate my files in NexCloud folder on pc, so it is useless…

I talk about a solution like the one that makes InSync with google drive or megasync with their client.
What do you think about that?

Ehi Riccardo welcome here,
I guess you’re looking for something like this:

Thank you Alessio.
I did not explain myself clearly
No, we are talking about two different services.
I tried Urbackup on NS but it’s only to backup data from pc to a centralized backup server.

Cloud solution is for different usage; users can save their files on NG and access it in any computer by browser, also out of internal lan. (like drive or dropbox etc)

But why a company is reluctant to use it? For two reasons:

  1. They do not like to have their documents on a non-personal server.
    (NextCloud is a perfect soluction, because the files are on internal NG server, so this is ok)
  2. The employees never save the files in the nextcloud folder. 90% of them leave everything on desktop… So no files are copied to the nextcloud.

So my question is:
IIs there a solution as nextcloud to integrate into nethserver but with a windows software which allows the selection of the folders to be synchronized? (like megasync in picture or insync)

A solution like this would be perfect to have a constantly updated cloud, accessible from outside and also a great internal backup of all clients.

As far as I know you can add multiple folders to be synced with nextcloud (I know for sure it is possible with Owncloud and since nextcloud is a 100% fork of owncloud, I am quite certain it is in nextcloud too)


You are right Rob! I reinstalled now the client and I realized that I had left full synchronization and I had not seen the option during installation!
I take back what I said before.

Thank you all for the help!!!


@RiccardoC: be aware that this is a 2 way sync. And it cannot be seen as a backup.

  • Because if you delete a local file, it will be deleted on nextcloud too.
  • If you suffer a ransomeware attack on your pc, your encrypted files will be synced to nextcloud too.

Nextcloud is perfect if you need files stored so you can share them, or access them anywhere. Nextcloud is NOT a backup!

btw, since nextcloud is supporting webdav, you can perfectly mount your nextcloud storage locally:

sudo mount -t davfs https://yournextcloudaddres/remote.php/webdav/ /dir/you/want/it/mounted/locally/<

You need to install davfs2 to be able to mount over webdav.
for more info:

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agree 120%

and the sync is almost in RT, i.e., once one file is encrypted, it’s automatically synced

backup is another thing

But doesn´t nextcloud supports versioning?
Something like restore deleted files or restore from a different time?

We´re using Seafile here, not on Nethserver, and it does what the OP is looking for, and also supports versioning.


@Robb: Can Nextcloud be used as a 1 way sync? I want to share files with multiple users but the users sync to Nexcloud server should not be possible

What you do when sharing a file, you give users permission to download that file trough a link. They can not upload a (modified) file back to your nextcloud directory.

Every day, during the day files will be added add the nextcloud directoryand need to be sync with the client.

Its really 1 one way sync

If used windows-clients, then on distrib-folder, try a Robocopy for monitoring and re-copy files, when some user changed it. I think it could be fast solve of case. I dont had this-like case, but I had using same account on about 10 desktops (owncloud 8 server there, i dont update it yet, cose no time for it). And when user change file, sometimes it hangs and stop sync changed or new file, that fills me manually check the problem desktop and restart the owncloud-win-client. Also i do not put big files, larger than 50 Mb, because when it loaded on server, and desktop-clients start to downloading the file, it almost always some of desktop-clients begins to downloading this file infinitely over-and-over about next few hours. I dont know why is that, but I agree with such course of things, cose the service works well for me. So users normally works with documents and other small files.

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Sounds great, how can we you use it with NethServer?

I havent tested it yet, the PROXMOX test-server hardware has some troubles. After test i’ll share my opinions about some fresh version of OwnCloud and how it works for me. I’ll try to get it within next two months.

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Good, keep us updated!

OK, i tried Owncloud 9.0.2 with sync large files (100-300 Mb) between 3-4 clients (with channel speed 2 Mbits per second) and it got hanged all the services on the system (Apache and all with it - Adagios, Web-face, etc), not just Owncloud service. But i’ve reboot it by reboot-command, it took some time to get it. So, i think that Owncloud 9.0.2 can normally sync about 30 mb-sized files, in a small amount.

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Thanks for your feedback, I guess NextCloud has the same performance.