Concerning Community Hangout, what's your timezone?

Hi guys,

Let’s make a test… can you put here your timezone?

This is a wiki post, edit it and add your @profile and add your timezone if not present.
I’ve added some of you, please correct if wrong.

GMT 00: @warren_midgley
CET (GMT +1): @etino @alefattorini @Ctek @sitz @andreac @jodumont @robb
AEST (GMT +09): @WillZen
VET (GMT -4.30): @jgjimenezs
EDT (GMT -05): @mabeleira
BRT (UTC/GMT -3.00 hours): @Jim

It could be nice if we can make an hangout from east to ovest… :smile:

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VET GMT -4.30

my contact: telegram or whatsapp

Try to answer in English


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Please edit the post above with your info :wink:

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CEST wintertime = GMT+1 right?

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I just edit it, we’re CET

VET (GMT -4.00)