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Hi Guys,

It’s nice to be here but apparently I am new to linux and nethserver. I would like to ask for help. How i will configure the nethserver to fetch emails from our host(gmail) to access it local in our lan.

thanks guys!

Hi @stalker nice to see you!

Gmail act as any other ISP so you can collect e-mail from your hosted domain accounts to NethServer simply installing and configuring POP3 connector (I prefer collector :wink:).
Take a look here

You could also read this post

If you need further information and/or support just ask!

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Hi sitz,

nice meeting you virtually :smile: thanks for your time helping me out. surely i have lots of questions but first i will check out what you’ve posted here.

thanks a lot.

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Hi sitz,

Nice Article but do you have article that really describe or instructional article that could run me throught with the configuration(step by step) and what really should be installed on my nethserver to fetch emails from our isp and able to view it on webbrowser.

My Apologies for being so dummy on this :smile:

thanks and regards

I’m working on it but it’s not ready yet… :grin:
Basically you should follow these steps:

  1. go to Software center section and install all modules you need such as: POP3 connector, Email etc.
  2. got to User section and configure local user in NethServer that will receive email from Gmail hosted accounts through POP3 connector
  3. go to POP3 connector section and configure Gmail accounts (user,passwords etc) and for each external account select which is the destination local account in NethServer (eg. → user.alpha.nethserver@local.loc)
  4. remember to change email client configuration on every local computer to use NethServer through IMAP so you can manage emails with your server and manage backup just once. You can use NethServer as your default SMTP server using local account credentials.

Post for dummies that you have read is intended to do correctly analysis of the situation to reduce efforts and mistakes.

Tip: try before a test environemnet with just one or two local account that collects emails from relative Gmail accounts keeping a copy on Gmail server, so user shouldn’t notice anything.

What above is general, there are many other configurations to consider but to start it is enough.

Don’t worry about that, you have been sincere and it isn’t easy for many people. :smiley:

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Hi sitz,


Your deeds is highly appreciated :smiley: i will surely try this first thing in the morning…

super thanks sitz!!!


Hi sitz,

thank you!! i managed to get it working. it’s now fetching emails…Yeheyyy :smile:

That’s a good news! @stalker would be happy to help you with this, isn’t it? :+1:

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Hi alefattorini,

nice meeting you (virtually :smile: ) i will definitely post how i managed to get it working.
thanks thank thanks!!!