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I’m doing a work and a question that I can’t answer is “What is the biggest diference between the community version and the business version of Nethserver”


This is good question, perhaps differentiating between 2 versions could be incorrect… The way I understand it is that Nethserver is Nethserver, albeit the hobbyist at home or a larger enterprise, they are downloading and installing the same Operating System. . The paid for subscription is offered to anyone and simply provides professional support and access to stable/well tested updates.(Other benefits too) When using Nethserver in a business, one would like support and stabilty over the latest greatest feature set whereas the hobbyist at home might want the latest features and doesnt neccesarily want the paid for support… lets wait and see what others have to say and perhaps straighten this out for me too…

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Would you manage manually updates, checking time to time any kind of issues and get a staging time for waiting until the community validated that are not bringing any (new) problem?
You can afford several days of issues and not working services without having big consequences (that you don’t want to afford)?
Is your setup not critical?
Is a setup for your use only?
Are you a skilled enough to manage a Linux server?

If most of these answers are “yes” you can use Community version without any doubt.
If you are realizing infrastructure for third persons, who need that it work quite like a washing machine (everyday, any time of the day) without most possible hassles about breaking your setup or the functionality?
Business should be considered.

You can install Community and convert lately to business, if you think it’s worth.

One more thing: beside some services as far as i can remember there are no differences on functionalities or access limits between the versions. (and community… is far for unstable, except when CentOS goes to updates…)

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That’s the past! Now we have the Ultimate ns7 software updates origin policy :wink:

…and 7.7 is coming soon!

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When at least 3 consecutive updates of CentOS (x.y with y increments 3 times) will be completed successfully i will agree with you.
Experience says that 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6 brought issues. Some bigger, some minor.

But no flawless upgrade…

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You have two ways.

Business versions of NethServer: NethSecurity, NethVoice and NethService.
Take a look here:

Or our subscription for your NethServer Community: