Community Office Hours

I am going to make myself available to anyone who wants to come along and talk about NethServer, Community, Open Source, Linux, System Administration, Leadership or anything else that is related to these.

I’d like to setup this Weekly on Wednesday at 16.30 CET via hangout

What are your thoughts? Who wants to join me?


why not something proven like IRC?
Sometimes people want to communicate through realtime text, without all the HTML5/audio/video crap involved :slight_smile: call me old fashioned, but it only distracts me from whats really important :slight_smile:

I got the point but I prefer video real-time and a face-to-face meeting, I think that it would be more effective!

im too shy for that :slight_smile: besides, things like IRC are many-to-many communication instead of one-to-one or one-to-many :slight_smile: makes it easier for others to join in.

Also, one does not disable the other :slight_smile: it would be perfectly acceptable to have a “general” chatroom, and a more specific hangout :slight_smile:

We had an IRC channel once but it was mainly an empty place so we decided to focus all our efforts here. I agree with you that real-time chats are good experience anyway

#nethserver IRC channel is still active (and you can find me there all the time).

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Whilst I am not a big fan of Google hangouts, I will try to join the meet-up.

@alefattorini, maybe it is a good time to setup some sort of hosted video services on a separate server / VM / domain.

Happy to hear this!
We can use zoom or skype no problem. What about next Friday at 17 or 17.30 CEST?

Sorry, misread the thread (didn’t see the original date of the hangout – had the strange idea that this thread was recent and was not posted at the end of 2016).

Me bad :confused:

We can schedule a call anytime, let just me know when. I’m available :slight_smile:

Thanks, if I come up with an interesting and suitable subject, I’ll get back to you.