Community Fund specific additions idea 💡

I’m not sure where to put this, but I was wondering could it be an idea to community fund a requested program/solution that we can all vote on and community fund it for development by the great developers on here. For me it’s more like buying a pizza and maybe a beer or two for some of the work that has gone into this great program. So say we would like a help desk function added a little quicker and that wins the vote we could all give a few $$$’s to make it happen. Just an idea! And if you can’t afford it no problem, no pressure you still get the benefit anyway. Just an idea :man_shrugging:


We tried in the past with bountysource but it didn’t work pretty well.
Which kind of idea do you need to fund?

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I would like zammad for everyone as I already have it working for me. (Not in an easy way to setup or install) But it’s more of a way of as I said buying a pizza and a beer for the developers, but it would also be interesting to see what other people in the community would like in 7.7-> I must admit I haven’t seen or looked very hard for a product roadmap, but it would be interesting to me.

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We have something here, check our roadmap:

@mrmarkuz is working on it. Be ready to pay a beer and a pizza.


:joy::joy: happy too