Command to fetch mail

NethServer Version: 7.8
Module: POP3 Connector

I want to ask. Can anybody tell me what command is executed when I click on Download now in POP3 Connector? I can’t find right syntax for getmail to download mails manually.
Thank you.

Hi @Miko10,

Do not use it myself, however code reveals a lot

So it may be something like:

/usr/bin/flock -n -E 0 /var/lib/getmail/<NAME>.cfg -c "/usr/bin/getmail --getmaildir /var/lib/getmail/ --rcfile /var/lib/getmail/<NAME>.cfg"

In this command flock (FileLOCK) is to prevent it running more then one concurrent time at once.

You may run the cron /etc/cron.d/getmail to update all configured getmail user accounts


Thak you very much.

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