Command or scripts for some UI Functions in Terminal/Console

  1. In CentOS, i install updates via “yum update” command.
    From my experience this had no side effects in Nethserver (since 17 months), but i have read here (somewhere) that the recommended way is always to use the UI.

  2. In CentOS, the shutdown or reboot (if unavoidable) command is “shutdown -h/-r now”.
    I have read here (somewhere) that the recommended way is always to use the UI also.

Can we have please some simple commands or scripts to install Nethserver updates and/or shutdown/restart the Nethserver in a “Netherserver like” way without using the UI?

The Nethserver UI is very good and is really really improved but sometime a Terminal or ssh connection is easier to reach as using vpn and browser (for me).


The things done via UI are scripts already. You can manage what’s done in UI on command line. The settings are saved in dbs.

It should work to update with yum and Software Center, I remember some problems (differences between use of yum and the software center python? yum library) but I think the goal is that both works.

Yum is extended to do the Nethserver preconfiguration:

Please share the thread because it depends on the context.
I’d always recommend to use the UI because there we can manage things, follow concepts etc. So if we you do something in UI there’s a high chance that it works like what we define as our right way because we can validate fields etc.
I sometimes use Software Center, sometimes yum and never had unsolvable problems so I think it’s safe. It’s similar with reboot/shutdown IMO.

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Thank yo very much. I have used the Terminal until now (most) but I always had a bad conscience with me. Its fine to hear that is o.k. to doing so.

Here are the links how I get it:
Quote: “Always use this module to avoid bad shutdown which can cause data damages.”
(sometime i read the docs :slight_smile: )


The different update between CLI and GUI problem was due to locked repositories. This feature was removed last year:

I assume it means that you should not do an uncontrolled reset or poweroff as the NethServer may run databases.
AFAIK the server manager just triggers a reboot or poweroff like you would do it on command line.