Collectd-nut not installed with subscription

Hi guys, this is really a minor thing, but the nut plugin in collectd is not loaded, because in sb-epel there is an old rpm which requires another collectd version.
In epel repo there is collectd-nut-5.8.0-4.el7.x86_64.rpm, but in sb-epel there is collectd-nut-5.8.0-3.el7.x86_64.rpm. So the /usr/lib64/collectd/ is not present and the nut plugin is not loaded.

I installed the collectd-nut-5.8.0-4.el7.x86_64.rpm from epel and it works fine now.

Please update the rpm in sb-epel-repo.

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Thanks for pointing it out! Could report the full error message from yum?

I’m wondering if in general we should run

 yum distro-sync 

… Just at the end of the subscription procedure. Because some packages (like this) may require to be downgraded!

Another interesting command for subscription could be


Orphaned packages are likely to be out of the supported set of packages… :thinking:

Sorry I don’t have it anymore. In yum.log and messages slao no entrys.

When did you activate the subscription? I suppose some package was installed from upstream repos with an higher version, before you enabled sb- repositories… Is that possible?

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Good question!
What I did:

clean install from iso 7.5
all updates incl. kernel and reboot to activate kernel
rsync-upgrade step 1
rsync-upgarde step 2 (-u)
upgrade from PDC to AD
And as all was done, I activeted the subscription.
I can’t say what was first: installing collectd or subscrition.
But when I had installed collectd before subscrition, it would have installed nut correctly, because then epel repo would have been active. I installed collectd-nut after subscrition with --enablerepo=epel without problem.
So I think I have installed collectd after subscrition, but again I’m not sure.