Collaborative draft of 7.7 release announcement

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There’s also a working draft of the release notes here on GitHub:

NethServer 7.7 released with …

Today, we’re happy to announce that NethServer 7.7 has been released and is publicly available.

This release marks a big step forward for communication, collaboration and security, introducing:

  • this
  • that
  • other

We’re confident that it will be as always a great release and it will achieve our mission: making sysadmin’s life easier. This is thanks to the most vibrant, supportive and friendly community in the Open Source space (and not only Open Source).

About NethServer

NethServer is an Open Source operating system designed for small offices and medium enterprises. It’s simple, secure and flexible.

NethServer is ready to deliver your messages, to protect your network with the built-in firewall, share your files and much more, everything on one system.

Release highlights

Many new features were added since the last NethServer ISO was released, they are all available today with NethServer 7.7. Let’s see the most important improvements:


Nethgui banner invites to Cockpit UI

Cockpit-based login screen



Download and install

Who wouldn’t want all these fantastic new features?

  • You can install NethServer on a virtual machine or on a bare-metal server using a DVD or USB stick
  • Upgrade from 7 versions are supported through the Software center

Did you find a bug? Please report it here – every bug you uncover is a chance to improve the experience for thousands of NethServer users worldwide, also our amazing beta testers team will be called upon to give its support on that!

Ready to check it out? Then head to the docs and download:



Would you like to know what we are working on?

Help us spread the NethServer Word

Do you think it’s worth putting the word out? Please help us following this advice


Upgrade from 7 versions are supported through the Software center

Can you explain how to do that?


It will work after 7.7 has been released. You need to wait.

The wording is misleading :frowning:


It’s a draft :slight_smile: