Collabora not working in nextcloud 24

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
nextcloud: 24

At some time collabora seemed to stop workiing. I cannot open any office documents any more. It just says: “Failed to load document”.

How can this be fixed?

Did you already update the Collabora Nextcloud app named richdocuments?

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I already have richdocuments version 6.3.1 and occ app:update did not update to a newer version.

It actually starts, tries to initiialize

but displays a short error message (connection broken) and the menu only:


Which version of Collabora do you use, see also Collabora Online — NethServer 7 Final about how to update. Most recent Collabora 22.05.8-2 works here.

rpm -q collaboraoffice

Does it work to click “Save” in the Nextcloud Office settings in Nextcloud UI?

Maybe there’s a config error, please share your config:

config show coolwsd

Are there errors in the Nextcloud log or /var/log/messages?

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