Collabora & nextcloud behind firewall

I made a nextcloud server with collabora with the how to How to install Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE).
I have installed it behind a firewall with nat, I also installed a reverse proxy based on another nethserver for a unique public IP.
When I redirect 443 port with the FW to nextcloud and collabora it works perfectly. When I redirect to the reverse proxy only nextcloud works and collabora don’t.
It’s certainly due to the reverse proxy made especially for collabora, but I don’t know if the local reverse proxy, made for collabora, is the problem or if I have to add a virtualhost on my other nethserver used for reverseproxy?
Does anyone have a solution for my problem?

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810
Module: Nextcloud

Collabora is already part of the Nethserver Nethforge repository, there’s no need to go through the howto anymore.
And you have the possibility to create a virtualhost:

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Just added a note to your document to clarify the situation :slight_smile:


Finally I made a dedicated server for collabora and there is a “connection error”. In my LAN it works fine but in WAN it doesn’t work. Where is the problem according to you?
The reverse proxy? the firewall?

Thx for the reply, I tried and effectively it works in my LAN.

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