Collabora (code) + mattermost

i am trying to integrate mattermost and Collabora.
it would be useful…
After installed all, installed plugin, i can open an xls file on mattermost with collabora but can not save it.
When i click save, close file, re-open it… Nothing changed. A bit sad.

Mattermost log say:
“app/session.go:89”,“msg”:“Error while creating session for user access token”,“error”:"createSessionForUserAccessToken: Invalid or missing token., resource: UserAccessToken

I used:

Mattermost and Collabora installed fresh from software centre.

Not important issue, thanks if anyone already solved this problem.

Just for completeness, the issue is also reported here:

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Already seen this issue. I think this plugin Is not much active, my issue could not be related to plugin.

I can confirm the issue. I tried changing permissions for the document files without success.

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