Cockpit / Webserver-Dashboard / valid data?

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using Nethserver as a privat mailserver i’m very happy with it for years now. Most things i was able to fix with the answers given in the forum - but now there is an issue where i just can not find the answer to:

In cockpit, the application/Webserver/settings module just does not give me information:

and the vhosts information is just wrong (testing via php info i get 7.4 as php info, as i was setting this in the old nethserver admin gui).

I was searching the forum but i was not able to find something to solve this issue - can someone give me a hint how to fix the cockpit module display?

In addition i don’t find a place in cockpit where to set the default php - version. In the default vHost there is just not setting:

Thanks again for your work and support and i would appreciate it a lot if someone could point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

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Sorry to mention the topic again - but does someone have an idea why this is not working? Or whom to ask for a hint?

Welcome Bernd (@MovingOn),

Trying to reproduce your issue but did not succeed in in it so far.

I’m afraid that after reading the wiki warning this is expected behavior.

However in cockpit it is possible to set rh-php73 if nethserver-rh-php73-php-fpm is installed.

To install a rh-php software collection choose a uninstalled one and you see a message to confirm installation

It is not possible to change the php version of the Default Virtual host


Hello Mark,

Thanks for testing - ok, so i need to double-check to use the correct php-version when setting up a new vhost. And i’m going to check the wiki next time before asking.

I’m going to give php 8 a try :slight_smile:

Beyond the not working dashboard I wonder if it wouldn’t be safer to deinstall the old php-versions (that are not used) and only to keep the latest.

But beside the dashboard and the php version i need to replace the MariaDB - nextcloud 21 won’t work with the one used now by nethserver (for 10 i’ve already found - thats the next step.

Again, thanks Mark - perhaps the webserver-dashboard gets fixed autmatically by one of the next updates, otherwise i will spend some (more) time with trying to figure it out.

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Latest available version is Mariadb 10.3.

Check out this post for more details about NethServer using the “old” mariadb.
No need to install/configure NC manually because Nethserver does it for you.

I’d uninstall the remi php versions that were installed with php-scl because they’re not needed anymore and php-scl is not going to be updated and just keep the rh-php* ones.


PHP: Will do so as well. Is there an “automatic” way to do this or have you used something like “yum -y remove php70*” ?

DB: I was thinking of deinstalling MariaDB with “yum remove mariadb-server mariadb mariadb-libs” - add a switch for not deleting the dependencies - add the mariaDB repo to yum - Install MariaDB10.5 - mysql update… Must do a server backup before that :wink:

If you already uninstalled php-scl you may try autoremove and check which packages are going to be removed to not lose an important one.

yum autoremove

Mariadb 5.5 and the rh-mariadb 10.* versions can exist next to each other, they use different ports.
Mariadb 5 is used by many Nethserver apps so I don’t recommend to uninstall it. Just use the rh-mariadb scl versions, ideally the ones provided in the wiki next to it.

Last questions in this thread, i promise :slight_smile:

PHP: "If you already uninstalled php-scl " how would i do that?

MariaDB: I assume you are correct - but it itches me to try it - if it works - OK. Otherwise i will install it in parallel to the old version. Backup/restore is your friend.

Markus, thanks for helping me and have a great evening!

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yum remove nethserver-php-scl

or all in one

yum autoremove nethserver-php-scl

Feel free to open new threads for other questions. :grinning:

I’m afraid that Nethserver apps may not work anymore with the new database but we’ll see, please give some feedback…