Cockpit vs original: Location of Security>Network Services

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: Cockpit
Hi All - New here and new to Nethserver. My question is on where to enable Network Services in the Green vs. Red “Zones”…

In the existing Server Manager you can go to Security>Network Services and there is a column listing “Access”. When you click on edit, you can change whether to bind a network service with one of the Zones (Green vs. red, etc). I can’t find a similar function in the new Cockpit interface. Where in the new interface do I go - How do I do this?


From command line (for those services having the related access dbprop) or using local firewall rules.

A network service is a service running on the firewall itself.

Each service has a list of “open” ports on which it answers to connections. Connections can be accepted from selected zones. Finer grained control of access to network services can be configured from the Firewall rules page.

The old server manager used to have
Gateway > Firewall rules > Network Services
which showed a summary of what services had access on which interface.
This feature seems to be missing in the new Cockpit based server manager. I can’t find any summary of which service is active on which interface.
Please can this feature be added to the Cockpit Firewall module?
many thanks


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We already have such feature, just click on View in the list of services:


I hadn’t noticed that, thanks.
Please can the dev team consider adding a summary page that shows all the services and which interface they’re accessible from (just like the old server manager). It’s nice to have the information in one place and easy to understand.
Many thanks

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