Cockpit UPS/NUT UI

Hi all,

we have just completed the new UPS UI for Cockpit.
It allows you to configure and monitor a UPS connected locally (server mode) or remotely (client mode).
The new UI has a new feature not present in NethGUI: you can now customize UPS name and UPS user.

Check it out and let us know what do you think about it.

Here is the PR with the RPM, the associated issue and the doc.



Welcome @andre8244 and thank for this work


Great job @andre8244!

What do you think to use a “gauge” chart instead of the donut chart for the dashboard? I guess @stephdl is interested too :wink:


Linear gauge instead of circular? Save plenty of vertical space into interface…

I have to say that Andrea is a now a Nethesis development team member, and this was its first project: very good work @andre8244!

IMO the donut chart is much more clear in this context since it doesn’t graph a rapidly changing value. I

In this case we need to fill the space, since we don’t have many elements to add to the dashboard!


Welcome @andre8244 i have just configured as client of a qnap with ups, and it works great.
i miss some info like Input voltage and temperature, but they miss also on qnap :innocent: i hope to test as server soon…
and tnx for your work! :clap:


Even into mobile view?

Yes, the dashboard gently scroll down :smiley: