Cockpit UI - Web Proxy: unvalidated fields

On the Web Proxy & Filter application, Parent proxy, safe ports and proxy port fields have no format validation.

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I know that @mamengoni is working on it, stay tuned :wink:

you’re right, confirmed bug:

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The bug is fixed and issue is verified:


Thanks for the fix.
I don’t know if I messed up my test machine, but with the fixed package the Proxy port field cannot be left empty (default) anymore.

I’ve a doubt about Parent proxy. When using a hostname, it has to be a FQDN or it can also be a short hostname or “computer name” (like localhost, myupstreamproxy …)?
When using an IP it allowed to set a network address, broadcast address and (I know an admin wouldn’t use those, but just thought of it to push the validators, not trying to be a PITA).

Yes, there was a missing condition. Fixed. :wink:

At the moment the validation is Validate::HOSTADDRESS, like in NethGUI. We can discuss to change it :thinking: