Cockpit UI - Services: misleading hint about service status

The service status reported by the hint message is not correct (it is reversed), while the service list columns show the correct status.

As an example, when starting ntopng service a hint warns about the service being enabled but not running:

# systemctl is-enabled ntopng

# systemctl is-active ntopng
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yes you’re right, the label description is wrong.
What do you say we change it into:

“The service is enabled but not running, or the service is running but the service is not enabled”


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The service is running but not enabled.

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Yes, but there is only label error which applies to both cases. Basically the error raises if the is-running and is-enabled differ.

So what error label is the best match for all cases?

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Well this is basically wrong, it should be two labels then. :smiley:
But since there is one, I guess this fits:

The service is either not running or not enabled.


Excellent suggestion! The patch will be merged soon.