Cockpit UI - blank Software Center


  • nethserver-cockpit.noarch 0:0.9.2-1.9.g630e292.ns7
  • nethserver-cockpit-lib.noarch 0:0.9.2-1.9.g630e292.ns7

After installing or updating cockpit from testing repo, software center does not show any module nor update. The page is blank.

Note: it’s possible this update is also responsible of some of the other cockpit bugs I’ve reported earlier.

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please could you check the console of the web developer tools of your browser, generally speaking you could have some important informations

There are lots of CSS warnings (which are also shown on a working software center), and (sometimes) a source map error on a request:

Source map error: request failed with status 404 Resource URL: https://xx.xx.xx.xx:9090/cockpit/$50658d26c5cb943ce94a43b845a8040c34f51bfa86639ef08f92bb78832477a4/base1/cockpit.min.js Source Map URL:

API exec: system-packages/read
$  echo '{"action":"list-updates"}' | /usr/bin/sudo /usr/libexec/nethserver/api/system-packages/read | jq

get-updates transaction /12_bbdcdaec from uid 0 finished with success after 3153ms    PackageKit

To be more precise, the page shows the software center interface and controls, but updates and modules are not listed.

It works again after downgrading nethserver-cockpit package.

EDIT: problem lies within filtercomps (related to line #137)


Thanks for the heads up @dnutan! I reproduced the issue and I’m going to fix it.

It’s caused by the fact that some comps groups does not belong to any category, e.g.:

I want to remark the affected package is still not released.

Edit: comps fix here