Cockpit UI - backup-config not working

If backup-config has not been used beforehand (from nethgui server-manager), running it from cockpit does not work. When pressing Run now > Run button, it says Config backup executed successfully, but no config backup is listed nor created.

Jun 28 20:46:53 local cockpit-bridge: cp: cannot stat ā€˜/var/lib/nethserver/backup/backup-config.tar.xzā€™: No such file or directory
Jun 28 20:47:16 local cockpit-bridge: No entry for terminal type "unknown";
Jun 28 20:47:16 local cockpit-bridge: using dumb terminal settings.

It works from cockpit after making a backup-config from nethgui server-manager.

Also, the configure button, to set the number of automatic config backups to keep, does not work. A small animated circle spins briefly but no success message, the modal window keeps open and no change is propagated to e-smith db (HistoryLength not changed).

Browser console shows no errors but:

API exec: system-backup/validate$  echo '{"action":"update-backup-config","HistoryLength":"6"}' | /usr/bin/sudo /usr/libexec/nethserver/api/system-backup/validate | jq


  • nethserver-backup-config-2.3.1-1.ns7.noarch
  • nethserver-cockpit-lib-0.9.2-1.9.g630e292.ns7.noarch
  • nethserver-cockpit-0.9.2-1.9.g630e292.ns7.noarch

This should fix the problem: