Cockpit Terminal black letters on black background


I am using 7.8.2003 with all updates (27 Okt 2020). Sometime i try to use Pilot. The Termainal is nice sometimes. (Ironie now it is Save too with Black letter at the black background) Browser is Firefox 82.0

The Lettercolor ist the same lieke the background :frowning:

I try reset them in Pilot but no result…

Lets try Chrome 85.0.4183.121 white letters on black background. There it is fine with all colors

thx Axel

hum I have something that I cannot understand, could you please reformulate. What is pilot terminal

Could you point us to a screen shot or a web link

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yes but is nothing to see

white on white :wink: real save
White background and white letters
With any other color the same bug
with Firefos 82.0

Chrome is okay

I cannot reproduce, I use FF82 with Fedora32

So it happens sometimes, not always?
With Firefox, have you tried in a Private Window or with add-ons disabled?


I had in the early stage teh same problem. With firefox and Windows 7, now after a upgrade with Windows 10 Firefox 82.0 too. With 82.0.1 letters are back

Portabel Firefox Version with no privacy window…
No add-ons are disabled …

looks like unclear settting of text color, so differnend Browsers had differnd intepretations of color

I can type somthing curors is moving, results are there corsur is moving down …

With the update form 82.0 to 82.0.1 the Error wos gone. But 3h later and with ther rebuild the side bug is back. :frowning:


I am realy confused :crazy_face:

With the update from Firefox 82.0 to 82.0.1 the text was visibal.
than after some hours i am reloading the pilot terminal side
Problem was back no text was visible

today update to 82.0.2 text is visible
waiting for reload :yawning_face:

Bug is back after reaload

It looks like this is an upstream bug as noted above, but there’s a really easy answer: don’t use the terminal in Cockpit. Why would you go to the trouble of logging into the web GUI, just to then use the terminal? Just ssh in instead.

I see the same thing with FreeNAS–its web GUI includes a terminal as well, and it’s a POS, so there are lots of complaints about it. SSH is your friend.

Hello Dan

sometime i did not have a SSH terminal, like on my smart phone.
Sometime is is better that a clinent did not have a SSH :slight_smile:
mostly i am using SSH.
But a function that is in pilot, will be nice when it is running.
Now i move over to Chrome, but i am not a fan of Chrome

Terminus is an excellent SSH client for the smart phone.

Why? If they have full access to the web GUI (which includes a terminal), what additional risk is there in SSH?

And the system is called “Cockpit”, not “pilot”, which I imagine is what led to some of the early confusion in this topic.

Yes Terminus is excellent. But my fingers are tu big to use that real good :frowning:
No the do not have Access to the Neth Webside with Cockpit or the old version.

I am sorry but pilot is not so far from Cockpit. :rofl: if the pilot is flying.
was a missmatch in my brain …

it filled up with virus stuff (only the knowlege)

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Then how are you going to use the terminal in the web GUI?

first it is possible, next it easy to have the rigth Server. With to mutch SSH windows i am doing the rigth things on the wrong server :frowning: (yes my fault).

This bug it is not critical (it is save ;-)), but better to know that.

The terminal in Cockit is one of the nice features, else i can move back to the old version …

looks like the last update, done fine :slight_smile:
bug is gone :slight_smile:

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