Cockpit Nextcloud UI

Thanks to the amazing work of @edoardo_spadoni, we released the Nextcloud Cockpit application.

At first access, the UI will display the default admin password inside a warning. The warning will be cleared after password change.

From the configuration page, you can edit the virtualhost and the trusted domains:

You can even overwrite CalDAV/CardDav auto-discovery URL (/cc @danb35):

Last but not least, the application log:

Everything is already available in stable repository, but feel free to raise any issue!


Does this work?!

I gave up trying to use Nextclould’s calendar and address book because I couldn’t get a combination of Nethserver and macOS to talk nicely. Rewrite for /principles/user/ Apache?

I now have SOGo installed so I can’t just try this to see if I could use it.

@DavidG you could always install a test server…

Yea, I could. My excuse is that I use my router to port forward to the server and it only allows me to forward to one server. Its a fiddle to configure. Unless there’s another way for me to have two servers running? Or could I set the new server with the same LAN IP address and power down the other? No, I think the router looks at the MAC address. How do you run two servers?

Different IP Address, and test in lan…

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I’m not sure if either my network or my wetware is sophisticated enough! I may try in a week or two.

The configuration is applied, so yes it works from my point of view. :slight_smile:

Everything else is a matter of Nextcloud applications, and I have no idea what is the status of CalDAV/CardDAV support in Nextcloud itself.

Thanks, I’m going to build a new server to try it, but not for a week or so. I will let you know… :wink:

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OK, I couldn’t resist and have set up a fresh NethServer. Good news @giacomo, it works for me as well! As I said in the other thread (link above) I couldn’t get NextCloud’s Contacts to work with macOS 10.14. Now it’s perfect. Thank you.




I’ll also confirm that Contacts finally work from my Mac - using the new Cockpit UI / NextCloud and unsetting the
Enable CalDAV and CardDAV auto-discovery
and resetting it back to on worked!

I’ll also add that this server has been running for 1-2 years now, and NOW Nextcloud works on all used platforms as expected!

Great work weeding out the bugs!



wow, that’s wonderful, especially the virtualhost part for nextcloud.


have used it. Now it looks even cooler.
Now thinking of a way to circumvent mattermost slef hosted and add ldap to it.

There is one: install gitlab and configure it to use ldap. Than configure mattermost to use gitlab auth. :slight_smile:

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eish, the install process. ANyone with simple method?