Cockpit: nethserver-sogo

Hi all

It is almost done, need to do

  • translation
  • validation

I admit I followed the nethgui panel…what do you want more in the panel, what do you want to change…

Now it is time to talk


:thinking: Some UI thoughts

  • The “advanced settings” should have the same styles of other similar forms (e.g. Virtual hosts) - progressive disclosure with arrow + link. The on/off switch is for something that can be enabled disabled, whilst here it’s just a matter of visually hiding advanced information
  • A Dashboard?
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Hi Stephane,

great work as always. Thank’s a lot.

One point would be fine if possible: reduce log noise by checking a box or so.

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what could I put in the dashboard

agreed for the switch, lets go to the advanced menu

yum install

it installs nethserver-sogo with the cockpit panel, please breack it.

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The Issue to test


released as nethserver-sogo-1.8.0-1.ns7.noarch.rpm

I have updated the NethServer, now it is in Applications, thanks!