Cockpit: nethserver-nfs ready to be tested

yum install

please test and break it. Due to cockpit I cannot plug my code inside the nethserver-samba, so you have to create a shared folders first inside nethserver-samba panel, then go to nethserver-nfs, the NfsStatus of the sharedfolder is set to disabled by default .

check your export are well at : cat /etc/exports

check the upgrade from the former server-manager

@michelandre I stop the code for a while and I go to our studies


Fresh install on a VM worked in first tests.

If I change something in cockpit it’s reflected in /etc/exports and in old server manager.

Tested access with nfsclient on Windows.

What client do you use, Windows Explorer ?


Thank you!



How can I set rw rights for the hole lan network in Cockpit?
And I get setfacl errors.

This might be related or not.

IF i mounted an additional EXT storage onto a serve with ENthserver, can i map nextcloud to store data onto that volume instead of the main volume, and how?

Not related…

As @pike says it seems not related. If you want help with that, please search if it has been answered before or open a new topic.

There’s a topic about mounting a disk/partition for splitted storage.

what account provider do you use ?

The account provider is a Debian AD Controller which the NS file server is joined to.
All users belong to the AD and every computer is joined to the AD.
So, everybody has his kerberos keytab. Why is “sec=krb5” not implemented in Nethserver NFS? Why is no "share 192.168.x.x/24(rw, sync,…) possible in the GUI? The LAN can only be set “ro” and clients with write permissions have to be listed one by one. That is annoying.
Meanwhile we have only one Windows PC left as “fallback” system. All other computers run Linux. NFS ist much more interesting for us than CIFS.

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yes security is often something annoying I agree. I am kidding :slight_smile:

NFS is based on IP for authorization, Sure that I could make an option in the UI, but it is not a good way to allow a full network. For this I think you could do a custom template yourself

someone asked for it 2 or three years ago, I think you can find some inputs on this forum, but nobody more. So it is not really a priority even if I understand the real improvement. If you have some hints or a howto, if you can get something workable and willing to help the development, then please ring the bell.

What is the goal of mount NFS share like NS storage?

I want to mount a NFS share and later create a share folder for lan users but using the storage in the NFS server.

Yes, i am noob xD

Thanks in advance.