Cockpit: nethserver-ddclient



I would like some testers before to release

update your current rpm, save some settings, restart your router and check the IP is renewed (even if I have not changed something in the backend)

yum install

as ever if you see something weird, strange, broken, please say it

let’s go to SOGo

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The module is working fine! :clap::clap::clap:
Just a few notes:

Translation: Deamon Update Frequency -> Daemon Update Frequency
Description field needs to be mandatory?

No module bug, but seems some check-ip services and dynamic DNS providers are no longer available or not working:

ddclient[11270]: WARNING:  cannot connect to socket: IO::Socket::INET: connect: timeout

PID file - Log shows:

systemd: Can't open PID file /var/run/ddclient/ (yet?) after start: No such file or directory

thank a lot :slight_smile:


Hi steph, thanks a lot for your work. When i want to add a custom provider setting i cant use DYNDNS1 DYNDNS2 or DYNDNS3 as protocoll. i get the following error:
The validation has failed: This is not a valid ddclient protocol, please check the official documentation

with the old client i can use this setting and it works.

Best Regards

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yep I put some validators from the ddclient wiki, probably it was not updated…do you have some pointers please

I used this :

but there is also

I’m sorry what do you mean with pointer?
But i get the problem with DYNDNS1 or DYNDNS2 when i write it lowercase it works. So dyndns1 is ok DYNDNS1 isnt. When i first select an provider an then set a custom provider i will get it uppercase and it wont work until i changed it to lowercase.

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my bad you found a bug :wink:

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is it a valid protocol ?

ddclient --help gives back all protocols…I will do it ASAP…

that is a good question. When i select dyndns custom addresses and then select “custom provider setting” i get it. With google i cant find dyndns3. i will search.

pushed new protocol

tomorrow you can update and report