Cockpit login page timeouts


Symptom : The login screen doesn’t fully load (see screenshot) and keep other websites (tabs) in Safari to load at all.

It is reproducible but not all the time. It sometimes work without problem.

I had a quick look at the javascript console :

Any idea ?

Have you already cleaned cache?

Nope. But since it happens on multiple computers I don’t think that it could fix the problem. Anyway I’ll try whenever it happens again.

Not working. The timeout stays. It seems to happen whenever I leave the UI without logging out and that I open it again after some time.

I found another related error message in the console :

Cannot load https://myserver:9090/ due to access control checks.

Which leads to this page that mention a “CORS” issue, whatever it could be.

It seems related to Websockets :thinking:, in an anonymous session it works well I guess…or no?

What do you mean by anonymous session ? Actually the page does not load (and whole safari is blocked) because there is something timing out before the login fields appear.

I’m sorry, I mean the incognito mode on Safari or other browsers

Nope @edoardo_spadoni, private mode doesn’t change anything.

After some days without any problem it came back again today. Actually it worsened now the authentication fields doesn’t appear : I can only read “Authentication failed: Timeout” after 30 seconds.

In the log :

│Jun  2 11:12:54 mattlabs cockpit-ws: cockpit-session: session timed out during authentication                                                                   │
│Jun  2 11:12:54 mattlabs cockpit-ws: cockpit-session: didn't receive expected "authorize" message                                                               │
│Jun  2 11:12:54 mattlabs cockpit-ws: cockpit-session: authentication timed out                                                                                  │
│Jun  2 11:12:54 mattlabs cockpit-ws: ignoring failure from session process: Authentication failed: Timeout