Cockpit firewall module : can't use a manually created service

Nethserver V7.7

Steps to reproduce :

Create a new service object

Then try to use it in a rule, I tried local and general rules. The service doesn’t appear in the dropdown list.

Applying the changes first don’t help.



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I’ve tried and in my case the service appears on general rules.
On local rules only appears when the direction is from firewall (inputing more characters on the search field).

Maybe the service list of “To Firewall” rules do not come from objects, but from services of NethServer?
And the Service Object are used into Port Forwarding/NAT.


Indeed, that could be the explanation. But that would be counterintuitive, and still I need to allow custom apps traffic to my NS box :blush:

Bug confirmed on local rules:


Txs. BTW it works using the Server Manager.

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Hi @pagaille, the issue is in testing if you want to try it:


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