Cockpit doesn't show installed software

I had an intensive look to cockpit today and I didn’t find an overview of installed software in cockpit. It would be nice to have that. For example here are photos of the old gui and cockpitSoftwarecenter

What I also want to say:
Thanks for that wonderful piece of software which lives from hearing and implementing the wishes of the users. You all do a great job my friends.

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I asked few months ago, and “Applications” was the answer to me. Maybe there will be a change of mind? Who knows…

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Thanks for your answer, I didn’t found your thread.

But I think some things are missing, for example FTP.

Also I don’t know how to configure FTP in cockpit.

FTP was integrated with the Web server “app”.


So you must add web/httpd for have FTP support? Didn’t see coming…

They remain as separate packages. The Web server app is installed by default, but guess what happens after removing it from Applications (nethserver-httpd and nethserver-letsencrypt are gone) and installing the FTP module…
Unsure if letsencrypt on Certificates page would be affected.

The httpd server is part of the core, if removed, event let’s encrypt will stop working.

If the FTP module is not installed, the UI will suggest to install it:

And it’s the only part who have dedicated app? (hell no, there’s DHCP server too, if i am not wrong)

I am in the same case, I confirm that it will be better if we have installed apps in Cockpit -> Software Center like Nethgui:

It is different to Cockpit -> Applications.

And about FTP, it is really strange to have with HTTP/PHP.

Would like to add also a different behaviour from nethgui, when you want to remove a nethserver-rpm it is inside the application menu, not inside the software center, so for me it is relevant, installed application are inside the cockpit application.

The problem is that there are not all applications (packages) in Cockpit Applications.

Paris ne s’est pas fait en un jour

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I do not speak about SOGo, I speak about all packages…

Packages /= Applications

Examples in Nethgui (Software center): https://IP:980/en-US/PackageManager#!PackageManager_Modules_Installed

  • Backup
    Backup of configuration and data
    Base system
    nethserver-backup-data, nethserver-backup-config

  • Basic firewall
    Configure network adapters and basic firewall

  • Email
    Email server and filter
    Base system
    nethserver-mail-server, nethserver-mail-filter

  • Fail2ban
    Fail2ban scans log files and bans IPs with failed login
    Base system

  • FTP server
    Configure the FTP server (vsftpd)
    Base system

  • Instant messaging
    XMPP/Jabber chat server
    Base system

  • IPsec tunnels
    Site-to-site Virtual Private Networks (VPN) using IPsec

  • MariaDB (MySQL) server
    Configuration tools for MariaDB (MySQL)
    Base system

  • Mattermost
    Mattermost Team Edition
    Base system

  • NethServer subscription
    Manage NethServer subscription
    Base system

  • New Server Manager (Beta)
    New Server Manager based on Cockpit
    Base system

  • Nextcloud
    Configure Nextcloud, universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices - wherever you are
    Base system

  • OpenVPN
    Configure remote-access and site-to-site Virtual Private Networks (VPN) using OpenVPN

  • Roundcube web mail
    Roundcube web mail
    Base system
    nethserver-mail-server, nethserver-roundcubemail

  • SMTP proxyFilter SMTP traffic with ClamAV and Rspamd
    nethserver-mail-filter, nethserver-firewall-base-ui

  • SOGo groupwareSOGo server and Thundebird extensions

In Software Center from Cockpit, nothing.

Examples in Cockpit (Applications): https://IP:9090/nethserver#/applications

  • Antivirus
    Nethserver antivirus using ClamAV

  • ejabberd
    Provides ejabberd XMPP server

  • Email
    Provides SMTP, IMAP and POP3 services with antispam and antivirus filters

  • Fail2ban
    Nethserver integration of Fail2ban

  • Firewall
    NethServer firewall implementation based on Shorewall

  • Mattermost
    Mattermost Team Edition

  • NextCloud
    Provides NextCloud for NethServer

  • VPN
    This module provides web interface to configure IPSec and OpenVPN tunnels

  • Web server
    Web server configuration with named virtual hosts and reverse proxy

  • Webmail
    Provides Webmail with RoundcubeMail for NethServer

I agree but it is by design, once installed an application is no more seen in the software center, but in the application menu.

I do not have the skill to redesign from scratch :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not for change the Applications menu from Cockpit.

Applications menu /= Installed packages :slight_smile:

It is for add “Installed packages” in Application Center.

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@dnutan: Thanks!
12 noted, and 9 sections.

Can you look in the same time for the “Cancel” button which must to be “Close” :wink:

Thanks to @federico.ballarini

There are modules composed of more than one package.

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IMO NethServer project don’t want a webgui for package management.
NethGUI provided a stripped-down package manager, now in cockpit there’s only a module manager (quite similar to an app store). Like ClearOS.
Who wants to package-manage can use console/ssh

@federico.ballarini did a terrific work on the Software Center: you can now also see the list of installed packages !

Check out his great work: