Cockpit blanc page

Blanc page on cockpit…I have reeinstalled it… But nothing… Deciding to change into pfsense, and rest with a only nethserver ad fileserver on objective pfsense - - - - nginx vm—apache webservers with subdomains and certbot

Maybe related:

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Switched to English and solved, but I will migrate to pfsense…

Can we know why? Maybe we can help you :wink:

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What I want more stability and also because at work. I am learning to put pfsense and nginx reverse proxy for internal apache webservers…so I need a last stand with nethserver, to achieve my goal on nginx reverse proxy, with my pi hole as dns resolver… On pfsense we have clearly that configured on job forwarding to nginx reverse… I saw that is easyer with nethserver, but it didn’t work… For instance…
Finally my goal, is to put the nginx container working on proxmox, using pi hole as my dns resolver(done). On nethserver my first dns is pi hole the second is nethserver itself. Also the objective, is to forward the request to nginx reverse proxy container, to have my web app servers being attainable from outside with ssl cert bot, which I am stuck on the configs…

You make reconsider my opinion because I have felt in love with nethserver a long time ago …

just for my information did you install pihole manually ?

did you test traeffic ?

It is a docker proxy container for container

Yes manually in proxmox vm debian github script pihole

No I am not so confortable with but does not seams hard to implement… To watch the network flow passing I assume?

inside with the domain name pi hole has nethserver ip pointed to this subdomain from outside nothing is the pi hole or nethserver blocking… I have firewall nethserver active, idS also too
From outside I will test traefik

Holly smoke I Did it yeahhhhhhhhh​:muscle::grin::slight_smile::grin::slight_smile:
Firewall port forwarding + nethserver nginx proxy gui + dns on nethserver + tric between the port on nextcloud 444 /nextcloud/config/config.php internal on nextcloud container trusted domain:444, now I have dokuwiki on 443


Only misses the ssl certificate for nethserver do you know how can I achieve this with certbot or an ssl buyed one… I saw there’s caveats on it to avoid screwing the nethserver webgui