Cockpit - a) DNS setup alias b) vhost

a) DNS Setup - Alias?
Can you also create and maintain alias DNS entries in the cockpit?
In the old manager it was possible, but they are not even shown in the cockpit.

b) vhost Setup
What I also miss when setting up a virtual host is that you can assign a reasonable plain text name (also directory name under vhost) yourself.

Either there is a way that I always overlook, or these options were no longer shown in the cockpit - which I personally find a shame!

Have a nice Weekend!


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Good afternoon Gerald,

When I first starting using Cockpit as well I was lost as many of the things I learned how to use in the old Web-admin interface had been put in different spots. You can access the NS hostname/alias settings via System -> Overview -> click on host name/alias. All other DNS entries are available System -> Overview -> DNS.

I’d assume the virtual host is approximately the same but to be honest I don’t use this feature much (all my vhost settings are defined within each of the apps I use like Sogo/Nextcloud).


Yes, I think it’s a choice, but we can ask to @giacomo and @stephdl

Thank you so much!

I was blind I always searched under DNS.

Since many software can create custom directories, we took the decision to create random named directories to avoid conflicts. You just need to use the directory name when updating the files, it shouldn’t be so uncomfortable! :smiley: