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NethServer 8: your_version

Hi guys, I have some questions about Nethservice 8 about how the cluster is managed:

  1. when I have 2 or more nodes, can I move just one app/container (e.g. MailServer) from one node to another, keeping an APP on one and one on another?
  2. Is there an interface like V-Sphere or virtual-Manager or something else?
  3. Can I have a docker that is not included in those listed? Example Gis Server (Linux or Win2k) ?
  4. Can I have storage external to the Node? Maybe managed in multi-path?

A thousand thanks
Pier Bernabei

short answer but yes you can move app to another node

no there is nothing, behind it is podman and systemd

docker is hell and I am not sure that podman and docker could live together, anyway, just do an alias docker to podman and it is all…not completely true :smiley:

However if the question is, can I take a container from dockerhub an run it myself with podman the answer is yes, this is what we do

external backup yes, external storage mounted to the node, I think it is a bit experimental but it should work

Thanks very much Steph :pray:
In the meantime I’ve cleared my head about PODMAN :wink: Thanks
Request ,

  • so I only do any “vmotion” from the command line (BASH),

  • if I have an APP/Container MailServer with a size of 1Tb on one node, on the second node I will have the same APP with the same size, how does data synchronization take place, RSYNC or other?

  • Are the Buildah and Skopeo tools used?

  • Is Skoepo the one for moving containers?
    Thanks bye

no synchronisation, you can move the app with a rsync container, the module is cloned first then once completed it is removed from the previous node. But thinking on it we could probably do a poor HA by copying the data on time based

yes buildah is used to build our module image

no rsync is used to move the files and the volumes

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