Clients in domain (Samba PDC) disappear from Windows LAN Computer list

Hi, in all client (Windows 7 or Windows XP) LAN computers list don’t appear computer in domain (Samba PDC).
If I restart Nethserver, for some days (or hours…) computers reappears in LAN computers list.
After some days for no reason computers disappear.

If I write directly \pc-name in window address box, all works correctly (then all software or link that point to lan address works correctly), but it is still an anomaly.
If I restart only Samba from terminal the problem remains.

Nethserver is 6.8 final.

Wath could I check in Nethserver or samba configuration?

Fabio Ceccarani

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Hi Fabio, could you check the samba error log? Do you have other windows/samba servers in the network that could become network “master browser” or wins servers? Do you have a DHCP server? Does it set a WINS network server?

Try to restart nmb too!

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The problem has disappeared. Maybe it was a router with DHCP activated who had problems …

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