Clients AddressBook using LDAP

I own a Grandstream PABX (UCM6301) and it lacks Shared AddressBook company wide.
I’d like to use my NS7 server with LDAP to create a new (completly separated) addressbook just for phone contacts (clients/partners/suppliers) and access it using any client to edit/update.
I think Thunderbird can edit LDAP contacts but I’m not sure.
So I’m open to suggestions about how to solve this problem!

Here I am replying to myself: I’ve found LDAP Address Book download |
It looks very nice… just cannot do it work with NS7! :frowning:

BTW: I’ve also found PLA (PHP LDAP admin) but I think Kamikaze mode is too dangerous.
I’m trying to find a way to edit only below one tree OU (Clients) to create a Clients database with phone/e-mail/…

Any tips?

In the Enterprise version of Nethserver there is a “Centralized Phonebook” module that would do pretty much what you are asking (but does not allow direct writing by users).

I don’t see it available for the Community version, though…

The package pointed out by @saitobenkei is Open Source, you can find it here: GitHub - nethesis/nethserver-phonebook-mysql: Centralized phonebook with NodeJS LDAP server
It uses a node js LDAP server which connects to a local MariaDB.

Still you must compile the RPM.

If you’re interested only in the LDAP part, take a look at this dir nethserver-phonebook-mysql/root/usr/share/phonebookjs at master · nethesis/nethserver-phonebook-mysql · GitHub


I saw it, thanks by point it to me.
I was not what I`m looking for.
I need a LDAP Address Book (just one OU !) for Clients (and RW access to users to update/create/delete records).
I found many options but I’m unable to do any of them to authenticate even I can run an LDAPSEARCH against the AD/LDAP on server.
Some options found:

I think I need to find out a way to debug the LDAP so I need to have more LOG.
Can someone help me with better log for LDAP connections (BTW I need to find out where log is done too… I just saw it on messages file).


I’m not sure about how users can add /edit/delete records on this solution.
There are any web interface done in JS or PHP o something else?



Thunderbird and outlook are two examples of Mail Clients with LDAP built in. Only it’s not used that often, but it’s there and works!

My 2 cents

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The users can’t change anything, it’s a read only address book for users.
This is why there is no web interface for it.

Hi Andy

I’d love to use Thunderbird as LDAP client if it allow EDIT, but someone already asked for it TWENTY YEARS AGO =*19evc77*_ga*MTA5MTM5NDg1OC4xNjg3NzA1NDI5*_ga_2VC139B3XV*MTY4NzcwNTQyOS4xLjAuMTY4NzcwNTQyOS4wLjAuMA
and they never added it.
I think it’s a shame do not have a simple LDAP administration tool.
I found 2 or 3 of them but they are no easy to install/connect even if I can do a CLI ldapsearch! WOW!

So this is a no go solution. If I can find a solution PHP for edit/create/delete records in Mysql databases I can join both of them. Any Tips ?

Hi @jader

You can install PhpMyAdmin, NethServer has an application of it that you can Install on NS-7.9.

I am not using it so much but I think you can configure it so the user can only change very few parameters.


PHPLDAPadmin by Stephdl - available here:

But you would need to fine tune permissions to make it usable.

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