Clearphone and clearos mobile


This new is very surprising and just came in my mail, it’s crazy but very exciting.
Here the copy past of the mail:

Hello there,

I have some exciting news! ClearPHONE from ClearCenter and ClearUnited launched today on Kickstarter and is already trending. Help us reach our goal!

To order ClearPHONE, visit and click the Pre-Order Button.

Next, create an account on ClearUnited (or sign in if you already have an account).

You’ll then be sent to Kickstarter where you can order ClearPHONE.

That’s it! Thanks for your support.

More about ClearPHONE:

ClearPHONE is on a mission to help you Take Back Your Digital Life!

ClearPHONE is a new type of smartphone that runs all the apps you need, but keeps you and your family safe online by blocking content that’s inappropriate for kids.

ClearPHONE runs ClearOS Mobile - our highly modified version of Android that runs Android apps, but features a number of enhancements geared towards identity, privacy, and security.

You’ll love ClearPHONE as it blocks hackers, ads, cookies, trackers, behavior profiling, viruses, spyware, and malware.

With ClearPHONE you have complete control to take back the internet, block what you don’t want, and allow what you do want to see.

At each stage of the launch there will be opportunities for discounts off ClearPHONE’s retail price. However the best discounts start now so you’ll want to order a ClearPHONE as soon as possible because the price will go up when the Early Bird discounts run out.

Visit to learn more.

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Take care,
Tyler Randolph

1145 S. 800 E. Suite 190
Orem UT 84097 USA

What do you think of such news?

Don’t you need a NethPhone? :wink:


I do and I really love the idea.

But, as far I love the concept,I can’t forget than even Mozilla, even Microsoft failed to do the third OS alternative.

But at the same time, Huwaei can’t use Android anymore, and I already do another OS.
Tizen is existing…

So, perhaps it’s the good time for such idea, project


Most of the base of HarmonyOS is AOSP…

Personally I use LineageOS on my phone. It is a Xiaomi MI5 of 3 years old, but it runs fantastic without the Xiaomi crapware and Google spyware.
As an appstore I have F-droid. F-droid specifically checks on permissions an app thinks it needs. Abusive apps are not accepted and banned.
LineageOS is in fact plain AOSP (Android Open Source Project): Android without the proprietary crap added by Google. Although it comes without Google APPS, it is possible to add them right after you flashed your phone to LineageOS. Then you have a vanilla Android install with Google playstore and other Google services. (personally I don’t see why you would even WANT to have google spy services on your phone)
There are quite some initiatives for alternative OS’s than the default ROM’s provided by the mainstream smartphone. Either to eliminate manufacturer phone home apps, or to eliminate GAPPS

There are also several smartphones with alternative OS’s installed by default.
for example:

The good part is that there is plenty to choose from. The bad part is that there is plenty to choose from.


Thank you Robb,

I’m discovering Purism

Perhaps can we enlarge the discussion about alternatives mobiles OS

A few time ago I was looking for an alternative OS for an old Blackberry without success

Can’t we go back to a simpler time where all that phones did was phone calls and smses and did them exceptionally well?

I sure don’t want to go back to the days of entering SMS messages on a standard phone keypad…

With the snake game? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I would absolutly love a Punkt with a better butons design…

And Whatsapp / telegram / good messaging app
A good contact and agenda app only
Bief… A good BB Classic with KayOs

May I add the option to be able to throw the phone (without breaking it) instead of using a rock or whatever when someone says something stupid… :wink: (thinking back to my still running Nokia 6310i and before that 3310)

The only real problem I had with BB is that the keyboard was just too damn small… That’s why I never went near the darn things

We can most definitely use sturdier and stronger built phones again

The alternative to that is the use of decent protection on the phones.

But then you are talking EUR100,-+ just for the case.

But to get on topic again. Who is using a NON-GAPPS OS on his (android) phone?
Did anyone else try other roms than the default manufacturer rom on his phone?
I am quite fond of LineageOS and I’d LOVE to get the new Fairphone3. Unfortunately I just can’t afford EUR450,- for a phone.

Phone calls? What is this thing you call phone call?

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