Clearer warning for restore from backup

It’s always nice when things run smoothly for a long time and you don’t have to restore data - or the whole system.

The downside of this is that in the meantime you (like me) forget which button to press to restore and which to not press.

Would it be possible to store a direct button to the “Applications >> Restore Data >> Settings” area in the “System >> Backup” area and to “save” the previous “Restore” button a little better or with a multi-step warning “Are you really sure?” to provide? Embarrassing or not, but the previous warning was unfortunately not enough for me.

This happened a few days ago when I actually just wanted to restore a few folders from a backup. My first look was at the “System >> Backup” section to see if the last backup completed cleanly. The backup was apparently there, but the “Restore” button in the line above was unfortunately not the button I actually remembered for restoring. Unfortunately, the advanced clock time in connection with a certain stressful situation led to the small warning text above the selection list “Warning: the restore will overwrite all data.” I had completely overlooked what was causing the disaster, I had initiated a full system restore instead of just a partial restore (and in that moment I remembered that the exact same thing had happened to me quite a while ago).

Unfortunately, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of time to patiently wait for the complete recovery. I had no choice but to abort the restore somehow and for lack of time and a specific description of how to do that, I first stopped the system (VM) and then stopped it. The recovery was then a mixture of a recently backed up system partition and the current partition with the “nethserver” path, with all the problems one could imagine from that. I’ll ask related questions in another area of ​​the forum.

At this point, I would just like to ask you - with an open view of my own inadequacy - to take a look at the problem of making the recovery functions less ambiguous or foolproof. I’m certainly not perfect (as the incident shows). but actually not for ignorant or hasty, but I still fell into this “trap”.

Thank you for your benevolent consideration and maybe one or the other will come out with similar experiences. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your experience.
I’m not sure there is a fool-proof UI design to prevent this cases.
Still, we are designing the new UI of NS8 and this suggestion will be very helpful to draw the new restore page!

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Hi Giacomo

A problem for designers, developers in several branches, like Software Developers, Car designers…

Sure you can create a standardized Idiot-Proof design!

Only Problem: The Idiot-Level is not standardized… Idiots come in many levels…

But I do have great confidance with the NethServer Team that they’ll do a great job of it, as so far!

My 2 cents

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