Clean history old devices

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003 (final)

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We are having an audit from Microsoft and we need to provide a list of all the computers we have in the company. They gave us a program that is to do the inventory. They instructed us first to clear DHCP so as not to pick up old devices. We stopped the dnsmasq.service service, deleted dnsmasq.leases and started again. But when it comes to taking inventory, it’s still bringing old devices that don’t even exist anymore. Is there any other place where all the devices connected to our network are stored?

ARP Table?

Maybe old computers in Active Directory that don’t exist anymore?

I didn’t know that

Here at the company we use the nethserver as AD.
I don’t have much knowledge in this part



Installing Stephdl’s PHPLDAP module allows cleaning up the NethServer AD…

Old PCs, can be easily removed from there.
PHPLDAP needs to be running in “kamikaze” mode, see the module Docs for this.

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To manage your AD it’s also possible to install RSAT on a Windows client, see Which version of RSAT to use?

Another way is to use samba-tool.

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Thanks, it worked :smile:

Thanks for the tip. I will research more about this tool :smiley: