Clarification on subscription tiers

I’m implementing Nethserver for a small business, and looking at the subscription table on the website, there are two features listed for the “Professional” tiers: Asset Portal and Monitoring Portal.

What exactly are these? I didn’t find much describing them on the site or online documentation. I mean, I have an idea, just based on their names, but guessing and knowing are two different things.

Really, I’m only needing the Crostino package for the Stable Updates access (and even this isn’t required, but for business use, I’d rather support the project); if one/both of those features are useful though, it’s more monetary support to the project I can justify.

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The asset portal gives you an overview of the machine configuration: it’s useful when you have many installations.

The monitoring notifies you when something happen on the machine, like high cpu usage, full disk, excessive load and so on.


I think it would be useful to write down a little notice about that at the subscription website (Pricing).


Thank you for the clarification. It answers my question perfectly; and yes, as @m.traeumner stated, might not be a bad idea to mention these features somewhere on the site other than in only a matrix list on the pricing page :wink:

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The subscription program just turned 3 years old.
I’d like to slightly change the features and the pricing, we can update the website when delivering the new program.


I noted it, so we can add this explanation to the next version