Clarification on Authentication thorugh active directory

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: Domain Account

Hi all,

I am hoping someone can give me clarification on using Authenticated Proxy with Active Directory. I have a few questions that I am not entirely clear on.

  1. If I selected Authenticated on Green Zone in the Proxy page, does that mean I must manually configure each machine on the network to point to the proxy or can this be done with a wpad.dat file?

  2. Once I join the active directory domain, get all the users and then activate Authenticated, will the Web Proxy Stats now offer usage per user? With it be able to list all the websites that a user accessed?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Andrew,

Both is possible, there’s a WPAD file offered to the browsers. Another method would be using a GPO for the client proxy settings but WPAD should be enough.

Yes, it looks like this:



Thanks Marcus,

As always you have been a great help.

With regard to the this link - Does that mean in order to offer the WPAD file on authenticated it must come through the blue network?

Thanks again

No, it works on green and blue.

Thank you so much again. I am going to implement this soon and see how I go.

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