ClamAV with "On Access" scanning

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In NS7, ClamAV was available, but only with sheduled scans, no official support for “On Access” scanning was available.

The first open source product I’ve seen with “On Access” ClamAV available for a file storage:

Any chance this may be on the radar for the future?

→ All Windows based file servers offer this…

A once a week or daily scan doesn’t really cut it - malware can be distributed in the meantime so just wastes CPU cycles…

No real reason why not, this demonstrates the code is available!
OpenMediaVault is based on Debian, so it should work on NS8 too.

My 2 cents


I’ve no experience with server-side AV scan. Is it effective? I’m afraid the ClamAV stock signatures are not, and at least a paid signature DB is necessary.

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Here’s an example scanner config for samba on NS7, it should also work on NS8:

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