ClamAv+Https scanning feature?

Hey everyone ! Im using the nethserver proxy
Manual mode ; with block all http and https ports.

Also Im using web content filter with Antivirus enabled.
For example Ive used forbid social networking.
It says page not availble ( for example )

No red page with forbidden like when you go to http social networking.

However the antivirus seems to be working only with http but not with https …
Is there such feature or not?
Thank you.

Nevermind. Ive figured it out that using transparent with ssl works .

I have a stupid question with my setup.

For example DHCP and DNS server is Active directory 2012 windows.
Default gateway is
Proxyserver is nethserver.

What are my settings ?
I figured I need to point Windows machine to default gateway to Proxyserver ( )
Do I have to reserve IP address in active directory for that… ? Confused

In my opinion, a ssl connection like https is a connection directly to the internet domain from client. If you wanna check the transfer between client and internet you have to use a ssl proxy. But basicly ssl use certificates. If the certificate is valid then you can trust. :wink: Just that is the problem.

By the way - try to use “transparent mode”

For the Firewall

  • Custom categories
  • Custom categories can be used inside the Filter tab.
    – A list of custom domains, one per line.
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