Clam not updating per dashboard msg

I’m dropping this note here because I’m curious as to what’s up but I’ve run out of time to look into it further.

I’ve checked a couple of NS installs and they both have the same msg of ‘not updated’ with the last update on nov 3, 2015, no errors found in the logs, freshclam logs show the 3 files up to date up till now, meaning thier checking hourly and finding the files up to date.
I glanced at the clam site and the url for the daily.cvd is whereas the logs show NS is hitting
I dl’d a daily.cvd and the date in the file is ClamAV-VDB:03 Nov 2015 14-31.

This tells me the that the last update on NS is correct because it matches the daily file.

So why the red ‘not updated’?

fwiw they’ve cleared with yesterday’s clam update, not sure what the trigger is though.