Cisco Phone with DHCP and Asterisk

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I try 2 use a Ciso VOIP Phone 7970G with Asterisk. The Phone take the most configurations via DHCP and TFTP.

My first step was aktivating DHCP with range and TFTP. Than toring a text file in the TFTP dir. A external TFTP Client can catch this file.

Now i am looking 4 the DHCP Server config-file but i dont find it.
The phone needs the option 66 or 150 to “boot” the config file and 4 a firmware update.

How i can find the actual configurations of the services incl. DHCP server

If it is running i will build a short How 2 do!

thx Axel

On Web configure on DHCP => DHCP Server => Advanced Options => Server TFTP <= Put IP of Server

And put files on /var/lib/tftpboot/

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thx i will try

but somthing like tools like dhcpdump will be helpfull
and to know where are the config are stored

Why? As @ibinetwork says, this is something you can configure directly in the web GUI. You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) edit the config file directly.

I want to be shure that option 66 is used…
The phone take the firmware from the TFTP server. When the connection is broken the phone can be a braket .-(

So i will be save that DHCP and TFTP is running on the rigth way to bring up the SIP firmware on the phone and DHCP had a lot of options.

Some of The Cisco pohnes uses option 150

That not the same like PXE

thx Axel


firmwareupdate to sip ist running with the cisco 7970 with the TFTP server on Nethserver.
All you need from the server side is TFTP server on DHCP =>; DHCP Server => Advanced Options => Server TFTP. I use the nethserver IP by them self.

later more.

Will try the Asterisk implimantation at the weekend.

thx axel


I have 5 nethservers running with freepbx/asterisk ok with Cisco 7911/6941/6921/3905

Good look!